#1 Shaun Modi , CEO Capitol AI

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Shaun Modi, one of the founding designers of Airbnb and CEO of a new venture-backed Startup Capitol AI joins host Hondo Geurts and Lauren Bedula for Episode #1

Shaun Modi is the founder and CEO of a new venture-backed Startup, Capitol AI. Capitol employs a no code interface which empowers users from the CEO to the front line manager to make higher velocity, better quality AI-enabled decisions.  With a single click on a data source and the Capitol platform bubbles up insights and predicts the best visualizations for decision-makers.

Shaun's is one of the leading designers in Technology who's skills are a culmination of 14+yrs experience from tremendously successful companies and institutions ; Airbnb, Google, RISD, & MIT. 

As founding designer at Airbnb, and co-founder of the design and innovation group TM he has launched over 55+ products. Airbnb is now worth $100b+.  

Shaun has also created a fee-free cash transfer app Shaun designed for Sendwave is currently used by three million Africans every day and has been named one of Business Insider’s Top 75 Designers in Technology 
Discussion Topics Include: 
  • Shaun’s passions as a child that led him to a career in Technology and Air BnB
  • The power of Design and the impact it can make on Business
  • There is no bigger mission than National Defense
  • How can DOD create a platform to allow us all to work together?

#1 Shaun Modi , CEO Capitol AI
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