#19 Shyam Sankar COO, Palantir Technologies Inc

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In this week’s episode of Building the Base, Hondo and Lauren join Shyam Shankar, Chief Operating Officer of Palantir, to discuss the future of the defense industrial network. 
Shyam’s experience in Palantir and Silicon Valley pushes him to advocate for better use of the US’s strong tech sector in the national security realm. He emphasizes building an understanding between the diverse people across the future industrial network and allies around the world. He thinks that the DoD and private sector can do better to integrate new tech and assist burgeoning startups. He truly advocates for the mission of national security and how fulfilling it can be for those entering the national security workforce.
Hondo, Lauren, and Shyam go on to discuss a variety of topics, including:
  1. DoD and Silicon Valley relationship
  2. Integrating cutting-edge technology and software in the public sector
  3. Utilizing key allies in our future industrial network
  4. Engaging and listening between private and public partners
#19 Shyam Sankar COO, Palantir Technologies Inc
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