#27 Bilal Zuberi General Partner at Lux Capital

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In this week’s episode of Building the Base, Hondo and Lauren join Bilal Zuberi to discuss the future of the defense industrial network. 

Bilal Zuberi is an experienced investor and current partner at Lux Capital with a passion for using technology to solve complex problems. He has worked adjacent to the national security industry and is committed to investing in innovative solutions. Bilal understands the importance of collaboration between the defense community and the private sector and believes in the critical role of emerging technologies. He likewise highlights the importance of investing in passionate people. He has invested in a range of sectors, including enterprise software, healthcare, and climate, and partners with good human beings to build responsible, ethical companies that positively impact the world.

Hondo, Lauren, and Bilal go on to discuss a variety of topics, including:
  1. Public-Private Partnerships
  2. Cybersecurity Collaboration
  3. Innovation and Technology
  4. Workforce Development
  5. Regulation and Compliance
  6. Data Sharing and Privacy
  7. Emergency Preparedness and Response
  8. Economic Competitiveness and Growth 

#27 Bilal Zuberi General Partner at Lux Capital
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