#30 Jason Rathje, Director of the Office for Strategic Capital

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In this podcast, Jason Rathje, the new director of the DoD Office of Strategic Capital, discusses the importance of public-private partnerships in the context of national security. He shares his background and pivotal moments that motivated his work in the Department of Defense. The Office of Strategic Capital aims to maintain the Department of Defense's technological advantage by leveraging private investment capital and improving collaboration with startups and entrepreneurs. They focus on critical technology areas and diversifying the supply chain. The office plans to launch various programs, including debt financing initiatives, and engage with stakeholders such as venture capitalists, private equity firms, and tech companies.

Lauren, Hondo and Jason discuss:

  1. National security
  2. Public/private partnerships
  3. Department of Defense (DOD)
  4. Strategic Capital
  5. Venture capital
  6. Technology innovation
  7. Supply chain diversification

 #30 Jason Rathje, Director of the Office for Strategic Capital
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