#32 Mike Brown, Former Director of the Defense Innovation Unit (DIU)

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The podcast features Lauren Bedula, Hondo Geurts, and Michael Brown discussing national security and public/private partnerships. Mike Brown, a former CEO and director of DIU, shares his experience in the private sector and government, highlighting the threat landscape related to China's investment in early-stage companies. He emphasizes the need for increased awareness in the private sector regarding the Chinese threat. The conversation touches on the changing landscape of national security and the integration of commercial technology in warfare. The guests discuss the challenges faced in collaboration between the private sector and the defense community, including policy and cultural barriers. They also highlight the importance of fast following and the need for a more agile procurement process to keep pace with rapidly evolving technologies.

Lauren, Hondo and Michael discuss:
  1. Cybersecurity threats
  2. Government response
  3. Technology advancements
  4. International collaboration
  5. Education and awareness
  6. Critical infrastructure protection
  7. Research and development investment
#32 Mike Brown, Former Director of the Defense Innovation Unit (DIU)
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