#33 Whitney McNamara & Pete Modigliani , Beacon Global Strategies

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The podcast features Lauren Bedula, Hondo Geurts, Whitney McNamara and Pete Modigliani discussing national security, the future of innovation in Natsec and how the private industry can support the growth of the industrial network.  Whitney & Pete are both members of the Atlantic Council and share their experience in both Government service and in the private sector highlighting how to be a good rebel in big institutions, remaining intellectually curious in your career and the importance of exposure to multiple points of view early in your career.  The conversation touches on the changing landscape of national security and the integration of commercial technology in National Defense. The guests discuss the challenges faced in collaboration between the private sector and the defense community, including policy and cultural barriers. 

Lauren, Hondo discuss with today's guest:
  1. Getting started in the national security arena.
  2. Transforming the acquisition process.
  3. Barriers to collaboration with DOD.
  4. Adoption of new technology.
  5. The Currency of Good Ideas.
  6. Tension between the commercial sector and the DOD.
  7. Leveraging the tech talent and culture of defense prime.
#33 Whitney McNamara & Pete Modigliani , Beacon Global Strategies
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