#38 Karen Dahut, CEO Google Public Sector

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In this episode of Building The Base, hosts Lauren Bedula and Hondo Geurts sit down with Karen Dahut, the CEO of Google Public Sector, to explore her incredible journey from the Navy to leading Google's public sector business. Karen shares her story, highlighting the influence of her parents' service and her personal dedication to making a difference. She discusses the evolving defense industrial base, emphasizing the need for greater integration and technical program management. Karen delves into the significance of innovation, emphasizing that it is a mindset and culture. 

Together they address the challenges and importance of transparent communication within organizations, drawing from her experiences at Google. The conversation touches on the power of partnerships, the role of AI in national security, and the global perspective on technology integration.

5 Key Takeaways:
Innovation is a Mindset: Innovation is not just about doing something; it's about creating a culture where innovation is embraced, empowering individuals to think boldly and make a difference.

Transparency is Key: Transparent communication within organizations, especially regarding important decisions, fosters trust and understanding among employees, leading to better collaboration.

Empowerment and Responsibility: Empowering individuals at all levels while holding them accountable for their responsibilities can accelerate their careers and help them make informed decisions.

Prioritizing Personal and Professional Goals: Clearly defining priorities in personal and professional life and evaluating them regularly empowers individuals to make decisions that align with their values and goals.

Networking for Growth: Building a genuine network of connections is crucial for personal and professional growth. Authentic interactions and a willingness to learn from others can open doors to new opportunities and perspectives.

#38 Karen Dahut, CEO Google Public Sector
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